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Séamus Gill, Silversmithing and Jewellery

Studio 21, The Design Tower,Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Tel: (01) 677 5701    email: seamus@seamusgill.com


Irish Medical Media Awards
Glaxo Smith Kline

Height 13 Inches

These Awards were commissioned by Glaxo Smith Kline to acknowledge excellence in medical journalism. To see a short film clip on making this awards see the video section on the home page or follow this link.

Excellence in Health and Safety Awards
ESB Generation Operations

Height 18 Inches

This award is presented annually, with smaller replicas, to help promote all aspects of Health and Safety within the ESB Power Generation plants. The award is based on interconnection, balance, working together and cooperation.

Leaders of Tomorrow Award

Height 11 Inches

The Accenture Leaders of tomorrow Award is a competition for third level graduates across Ireland to seek out innovative and entrepreneurial talent to help foster the next generation of talent as the future leaders of tomorrow.

The Aisling
Irish Film and Television Academy Awards

Height 13 Inches

These were awarded annually at the gala event, the Irish Film and Television Academy Awards.

Service Award of Excellence

Height 10 Inches

These Awards, which incorporate angular logo of the Professional Insurance Brokers Association on the top, are presented annually to the leading brokers.

Passion for the world around us

Height 8 Inches

These awards were presented by Vodafone and its Chamber of Commerce partners around Ireland to those who share in a passion for the world around us. It depicts three figures representing the passions dancing around the world.

Gradaim Pobail na Gaeltachta
Udaras na Gaeltachta

Height 15 Inches

These Awards depict the joy of working together for the benefit of the community. The were presented on a televised gala event on TG4


An award is a central part of marketing an event, and throughout time, silver has the highest prestige for an award.

Séamus Gill uses his artistic skills and superb craftsmanship to design and make original awards that someone will be proud to win; they honour the sponsor’s involvement and often become symbols of the events.

Ireland of the Welcomes
Failte Ireland

Height 15 Inches

These Awards, reminiscent of a Celtic Spiral, are based on the idea of a long tale and a winning smile. They were presented to the real champions of Irish tourism, those special individuals who make a holiday experience great. And the winners are all nominated by people on holiday in Ireland.

Innovation Award
Trinity College Dublin

Height 15 Inches

This Award is presented annually to celebrate some of the great innovations within the campus companies of TCD. It is based on a Podform which represents growth and development.