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Séamus Gill, Silversmithing and Jewellery

Studio 21, The Design Tower,Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Tel: (01) 677 5701    email: seamus@seamusgill.com


EP1 Closing Curves hanging earrings

Length 6cm


EP3 Closing Curves loop earrings

Length 2.5cm


EP5 Closing Curves small earrings

Length 1cm


BP1 Closing Curves brooch

Length 8cm


NP2 Closing Curves long pendant

Length 6.5cm

70cm (28 inches) 3mm belcher chain


NP4 Closing Curves small pendant

Length 2.5cm

45cm (18 inches) 1.5mm snake chain


CP1 Closing Curves cufflinks

Width 2cm


Closing Curves Jewellery

Closing Curves is one of the signature collections of Séamus Gill.
First designed in 1988 this classic jewellery collection is still popular today.
In this collection, a graceful curve of highly polished silver is balanced against a finely textured twist. The juxtaposed form and sensuous line are in true and elegant balance.