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Séamus Gill, Silversmithing and Jewellery

Studio 21, The Design Tower,Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Tel: (01) 677 5701    email: seamus@seamusgill.com


Leaning Podform

Sheet Bronze

Height 25½ Inches

Item # 1659


Sheet Bronze and Kilkenny Marble

Height 29 Inches

Item #1014

(Private Collection)

This piece was the first bronze piece I exhibited at “Sculpture in Context” in the Botanic Gardens and then at Farmleigh in 2004.

Sculpture “in sheet bronze”

Séamus Gill uses his silversmithing skills to form a flat sheet bronze with the skilled use of a hammer and anvil into elegant three dimensional sculptures.

These bronze sculptural pieces are finished by patinating in soft muted colours that often reflect the colours of the Irish landscape, with selective areas highly polished and gold plated.

Tall Squat Podform

Sheet Bronze

Height 25½ Inches

Item #1618

A photograph of this piece featured in “Irish Craft Portfolio 2011”, a book published by the Crafts Council of Ireland to promote the best of Irish makers who work to an international exhibition standard.

Waveform #4

Sheet Bronze

Height 10 Inches, width 21 Inches

Item # 1681

€1800.00 (available)

Standing Podform

Sheet Bronze

Height 30 Inches

Item #1342

(Private Collection)

This piece won 1st prize in the Metalwork category at the RDS National Craft Competition in 2009. It was exhibited in the RDS and then toured to four venues around Ireland.

Waveform #3

Sheet Bronze, Silver and Kilkenny marble

Height 8 Inches, width 16 Inches

Item #1643

Arrangement in a Bowl

Sheet Bronze and Silver

Height 28 Inches

Item #1560

(Private Collection)

This piece was made for the exhibition “Wunderkammer, Cabinet of curiosities” an exhibition by all the makers in the Design Tower responding to the historic Bender collection of Asian Art in the National Museum of Ireland in 2009. This piece was inspired by the plant forms drawn in the background of the sacred Thankas.


Sheet Bronze and Silver

Height 23 Inches

Item #1604

(Private Collection)

This piece was made for the “Thank You Book” a fundraiser for the Irish Hospice Foundation in 2010. Leading Irish writers were invited to write a piece and leading artists were invited to illustrate a piece for the journal style book. This photograph of the Sunflower featured as a full page in the introduction, and the piece was sold to raise funds for the Hospice.